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The Hand Crown Company

We are The Hand Crown Company. We manufacture quality handmade and unique motivational hand crowns. We created The Hand Crown Bracelet™️ & The Hand Crown Watch™️. A combination of high quality semi precious gemstones, metal and wood. Harnessing the power of nature on your hand.

Our products are not just ordinary Jewellery. They are meaningful, unique and never before seen. We have flipped the script on what you wear on your wrist and created a new way to wear watches whilst experiencing the spiritual & healing benefits of our products. Our Founder started The Hand Crown Company in 2020 despite COVID-19. Shortly after she left her corporate role of 20 years in Senior Management. This gave her the opportunity to focus her resources and energy into the Concept. Creating something Unique for People to wear.  The Hand Crown is simply a way of showing Gratitude to yourself and your spirit.

Our hands help us do almost everything. You touch, you feel, you communicate emotions with your hands.

You work, you create, you care with your hands. For some you can heal, for others the touch of someone’s hand makes you happy.

Without hands, you are somewhat limited.

It’s a reminder that your hands are a thing of beauty and wonder. And we are grateful that our founder is able to use her hands to create these amazing products, and share them with you.


✅Made with Natural Elements

✅Energy, Healing & Protection

✅Orison Bracelet - Send A Prayer/Orison Jewellery to a Loved One. (We include Angelic Invocations for specific requests. Simply email us)

✅Essential Oil Lava Stone - Each Hand Crown comes with a Specially Blended Essential Oil for use on the Lava Stone. Keeping You Calm, Centred & Serene throughout your day.

What Is A Hand Crown?

A Hand Crown is a beautiful Hand Ornament worn on your hand to show gratitude to yourself and your spirit. Consider it a reminder that you always have your Infinite Spirit, your Guardian Angel looking out for you.


You can choose from the Hand Crown Bracelet™️ ,The Hand Crown Watch™️, The Allure Bracelet, The Orison Bracelet, The Beautiful Earing, or let us make a custom design for you.

We combine beautiful and powerful precious & semi precious gemstones with natural elements like wood to create beautiful hand pieces that carry powerful positive Energy to support you daily.

Each stone is combined for specific purposes. We only work in daylight and natural light so we can see through the intricate quality, colours and patterns. You can’t see them in artificial light so we never work with artificial light.


Our Hand Crowns go through the Intercessory Process. This is a Unique Feature of our Hand Crowns. All our Hand Crowns go through this Process before getting to you.

We intercede on your behalf that your Infinite Spirit provides you with all that you need on earth. Whether it be healing, happiness, joy, peace, protection, success, wealth etc.

Whatever it may be, your Hand Crown acts as a point of contact, and a connection between you, and your infinite spirit. For the purpose of providing you with all your hearts innermost desires for the greatest good of all. 

Why Join Us?

We believe that harnessing the power of nature with the human mind and our Infinite Spirit helps us become better people. The world is changing and we need to remember the basic things in life that make us human. Practicing kindness, sharing love, peace, and keeping the Continuum going.


This philosophy is immersed in the way we do business. We want to help people with our products, especially during these challenging times. We are not just a Company in business for Profit or Commercial benefits, we want to connect with our clients all around the world in a special way.


This means when you buy from us, we keep the connection going. Your products reach you in great condition and in a timely manner. If you are unhappy with our service or you have an issue with our product, we will come to your assistant immediately and work tirelessly to resolve it.


We won't quote frivolous or ludicrous terms and conditions, we will just be human and deal with you as a connected partner. We are here to serve you and make your experience with us exceptionally pleasant.   


Quality products with a 3 month guarantee and seamless affordable repair service

Diamond thick black outline


Aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Beautiful design with the option to create your own design using our Custom Design Service



Unique, never before seen. You won't find these anywhere else. We make them specifically for you.



Affordable prices for the quality of gemstones we use

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